A decentralized social e-commerce platform

We are committed to becoming the largest and first platform that connects content creators with companies where the customer is the main purpose. With powerful content from our influencers, we will be the number one source of inspiration for our users.



InfluWay should be the platform that showcases the way for those businesses that want to start selling their products online and market themselves with cryptocurrencies.

By integrating our own cryptocurrency on the platform, we want to increase commitment to attract more people to use the cryptocurrency.

Powerful content

By allowing influencers to market products in the platform, we open the door for new customers in the online retail industry.

With a decentralized platform, users will work directly with each other. InfluWay will be part of the relationship between influencers and companies where companies employ influencers to create valuable content to market their products by paying them in IWAY as a reward

InfluWay will help you to get more profit

Stores that register for InfluWay will have a unique opportunity to increase their customer base by reaching out to those customers who want to buy products with cryptocurrencies sooner.

Our biggest vision is to encourage e-commerce and for sellers to promote their products and services on our platform as we offer a payment system with our cryptocurrency.









We Work For You

Social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook require a larger public to reach out to in order to earn more on your content as an influencer. This leads to the fact that good potential influencers with great potentials never get the chance to work with different companies. This is due to the high demands those platforms have.

InfluWay wants to change this by creating a decentralized source of income where content is in focus. This benefits influencers who create valuable content but may not reach a large audience. By emphasizing good content, everyone has the same chance of working with us on our platform.

Meet The Team

We are InfluWay

Jango Saleh


Deivide Pereira


Karuan Ahmed

Community Manager

Meron Tedla

Marketing Manager

Bawe Salehi

Social Advisor

Nicholas Almanakis

Head of Social

Fabian Guererro

Head of SEM

Adele Tamm

Digital designer

Sanna Oltegen

Ad Technician & Writer

Rebecca Lenells

Graphic designer